Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Christian Aid Is Part Of The Stop AIDS Campaign And We Are Backing Their Push For The Pool.
An Independent Patent Pool Would Allow More Competition Between Drug Firms, Driving Down The Cost Of Life-Saving Medicines While Also Ensuring That Companies Receive A Fair Reward For Developing New Drugs. Patent Pools Are Not Just A Pipe Dream. The International Medical Group Unitaid Is Working To Set One Up Right Now. But Unless Pharmaceutical Companies And Researchers Join Up, It Won’t Work.

This Advert Is Saying Dont Smoke As You Get Hooked On Smoking. It Ruins You Health.

This Is Negletion To This Child As It Looks Like Parents Dont Care What This Child Does.

This Is Related To Our charitie As My Charity Is Christian Aid Its World Wide.
This Is Our Charity Christian Aid's Logo.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

- Boy Been Attacked By An Animal With All The Scratches And Cuts And Grazes On His Body.
- Darkness Suggests Hiding Of Violence.
- Looks Scared.
- Looks Like Theres Paw Marks On The Wall.
- Looks Like The Little Boy Is Pulling Back From something.

Friday, 16 October 2009

- Bib Blue Suggests Baby Boy.
- Dog One Ear up Listening For Violence Going On.
- Paper Wet From Tears / Dribble.
- Dogs Eyes Turned Up Showing Shock.
- Bib Is Crumpled Showing Neglection
- Bone is A Sign Of Aid From The Dog?

- Rattle Shaped Liked A Baseball.
- Babies Toy Represents Baby.
- Primary Colours ( Childish ).
- White Background Makes Colours Stand Out More.
- Blood Splattered Across Surface Suggests Violence.
-Typeography: Childs Righting Like Its A Child Speaking To Us.

- Baby Primary Colours On Baby toy.

- Baby Toy Torn Up.

- Dark And A bit Of Light On The Toy That Shows That Abuse Is hidden. The Light On The Toy Looks Like a Door is Closing.

- Fluff Makes It Look Like There Smoke Coming Out Of The Ear In Anger.

- One Ear Is Up Trying To Listen For Violence.

Friday, 9 October 2009